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The 5th Global Health Institute (GHI)

The 5th GHI will be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand from the 5th to the 24th of February 2017. It will offer intensive studies combined with a 2-day research conferences in support of the goal of One Health Leadership in emerging diseases at the convergence of animal, human and environmental health. The GHI program offers 6 course options for participants in order to fulfill and complement the One Health Leadership experiences.



  • 5 themes have been selected for the researchers conferences (10-11th February 2017) :

Emerging and re-emerging diseases

Antimicrobial resistance

Application of risk analysis

Epidemiological tools and application

Food safety and hygiene


  • Participants are also welcomed to select one of the following course in each week.

Week 1:

Course 1: Global Health Leadership: the convergence at animal, human and environment, for outbreak responding using One Health Systems Mapping and Analysis (OH-SMART) (5-9 February 2017)

Course 2: Participatory Epidemiology Approach to One Health-Ecohealth (Introduction) (6-9 February 2017)

Week 2:

Course 3: Participatory Epidemiologu Approach to One Health-Ecohealth Community base (13-17 February 2017)

Course 4: Social Network Analusis (13-17 February 2017)

Course 5: Farm to Table (13-17 February 2017)

Week 3:

Course 6: Food Safety Risk Analysis (20-24 February 2017)


For more information, please visit or directly contact us at or discover the flyer with the program HERE.