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Communication video about ‘The Tam Dao Days’ now available online (with English subtitles)

Each year since 2007, the "Tam Đảo School in Social Sciences” (JTD) has been offering training in analytical methodologies of the social sciences  – geography, economics, statistics, socio-anthropology, history, etc. – to nearly 100 participants from Southeast Asia (students, university lecturers, researchers, civil servants, development practitioners).


The training takes place both at the Việt Nam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS in Hà Nội) and in residence at the Tam Đảo hill station close to the capital, or in another university in Central or South Việt Nam.

Find 3 videos presenting the JTD on the website:

Module 1: Introduction to JTD

Module 2: Partnership

Module 3: Tam Dao Days: trainers and trainees