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New platform for OH in South East Asia!

The One Health Network South East Asia is a collaborative platform to facilitate knowledge sharing, networking and collaboration within and across One Health research projects in South East Asia. The network currently hosts 2 South East Asia based projects which are both run under the EU INNOVATE program

The ComAcross project

The LACANET project

Our objective is to extend this platform to other projects in the South East Asia region which share the same focus on One Health issues to improve surveillance, strengthen synergies, increase collaboration between research projects.

Our web-platform

This web-platform comprises of a public website (which you are currently visiting) and a collaboration workspace accessible upon registration as a user. To register to this private collaborative platform - dedicated to sharing and networking – please click here.

Our target users

The One Health Network South East Asia web-platform is aimed at professionals in the field of health science, public health, social science, engineering, ecological and environmental who play an active role in One Health issues:

  • Civil servants of Government bodies
  • Laboratories’ staff
  • Field operators (epidemiologists, vets, ecologists, public health and rural development workers)
  • Community representatives (health volunteers, farmers associations, and commercial farmers, notables at district and commune levels) who need to be further involved in OH programs.
  • Students, teachers and researchers (epidemiologists, vets, ecologists, medical doctors etc.)