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What are the Project's Activities?

  • As part of our efforts to increase field surveillance capacity for regional priority pathogens, but also at national, provincial and district level, we are training 100% of NAHL and NAHPRI Outbreak Mobile Response Unit staff members and at least 2 provincial and district staff from 100% of provinces where market disease hotspots have been identified.


  • NAHPRI staff members will be trained at IPC on laboratory and sampling techniques, while NAHL staff members will be trained by LOMWRU. NAHPRI and NAHL will also receive a 2-day training course on biosafety. By year 4, both NAHPRI and NAHL will be able to test pathogens in their own laboratories. 


  • We initiated the development of a Lao PDR-Cambodia One Health Network by building relationships and connections between livestock, wildlife and human health ministries and laboratories in Lao PDR and Cambodia. 


  • We strive to improve these relationships through collaborative research projects to study the effect of anthropogenic activities on infectious disease prevalence and emergence.