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Communication Practice

The LACANET One Health project aims to improve communication and promote collaborative work between the human, animal and environmental health sectors. To make this achievable, we organise yearly communication workshops in both Lao P.D.R. and Cambodia, where all three sectors are invited to reflect on current communication paths and analyse how these could be made more efficient and effective when researching and working towards the identification of new and existing zoonotic diseases. This effort to build communication capacity among the three sectors is paramount when detecting and responding to outbreaks.

By being involved in other projects, such as PREDICT and ComAcross, which also bring the three sectors together, the LACANET One Health project’s staff can foster good practices with other projects, thus enabling positive outcomes resulting from enhanced communication and cross-sectoral collaboration to go even beyond the LACANET One Health project. This website promotes this practice by disseminating information and encouraging researchers involved in different One Health projects to communicate together.