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LACANET One Health Project’s 2016 dry season field studies

From 18th January until 29th April 2016, the Wildlife Conservation Society’s and the Institut Pasteur du Cambodge’s teams are going back to the sites that were studied throughout the 2015 rainy season, with the aim of comparing seasonal pathogen dynamics within study sites. Both seasons’ field studies follow the same approach and patterns: in Cambodia, rodents are being captured for sampling purposes before being released, while ticks are being flagged and mosquitoes are being trapped for pathogen testing. In Lao P.D.R., the Wildlife Conservation Society’s team is investigating the same wildlife markets while conducting the same types of samplings and species census as last year. The team is also developing a market seller’s demographic analysis, alongside the Lao-Oxford-Mahosot-Wellcome Trust Research Unit’s team, which will subsequently lead to a serologic study to test sellers’ exposure to pathogens.