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Rodent Sampling Workshop

On 17th February 2015, WCS and IPC co-organized a rodent sampling workshop, at Phnom Tamao Zoo. Dr. Serge Morand (global rodent expert from CIRAD), Dr. Mathieu Pruvot (Veterinary Epidemiologist at WCS Cambodia) and Dr. Paul Horwood (Deputy-Head of Virology Unit at IPC) trained staff from Phnom Tamao, the Cambodian Forestry Administration, the Cambodian National Veterinary Research Institute, the Lao P.D.R. National Animal Health Laboratory, WCS Cambodia, WCS Lao P.D.R and the Institut Pasteur du Cambodge, on rodent handling and necropsy.

The theoretical part, presented by Dr. Mathieu Pruvot and Dr. Paul Horwood, explained about personal protective equipment and the safety aspects of the rodent sampling process, sample storage and shipment with a special focus on how to maintain the cold chain. It was then followed by a practical component, presented by Dr. Serge Morand and Dr. Mathieu Pruvot, who provided training on rodent handling and necropsy. This workshop was extremely useful considering that it represented the basis for the upcoming LACANET field trips and was made possible thanks the financial support of the European Union.