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Comacross Communications and Publications


All the conferences where ComAcross' coordinators participated, to spread and publish the project results and publications.



Workshop “Computer Engineering and Health” ANR BiodivHealthSEA

Bangkok, Thailand


Symposium “Ecosystem Services and Health”, International Congress of Ethnobiology



International Biodiversity & Health Symposium

Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Joint International Tropical Medicine Meeting & FoodBorne Parasitic Zoonoses Conference

Bangkok, Thailand



2nd-20th February Researchers conferences of “Emerging diseases at convergence of animal, human and environment health” Chiang Mai University, Thailand
15th-18th March 3rd International One Health Congress Amsterdam, Holland
30th March-2nd April Association of Tropic Biodiversity Conservation workshop Phnom Penh, Cambodia
3rd-5th August The 4th food safety and zoonoses symposium for Asia Pacific, Veterinary Public Health Centre For Asia Pacific Chiang Mai, Thailand
6th-8th August 3rd International Congress on Pathogens at the Human-Animal interface (ICOPHAI): One Health for sustainable Development Chiang Mai, Thailand
7th August Cambodia One Health Forum Phnom Penh, Cambodia
14-17th August 3rd international Southeast Asia Bat Conference Sarawak, Malaysia
28th -30th October 6th Asia-Pacific Workshop on Multi-Sectoral Collaboration for the Prevention and Control of Zoonoses Sapporo, Japan
3rd-7th November


Merida, Mexico
11th-13th December The 14th Asian Association of Veterinary School (AAVS) congress in conjunction with the 6th SEA Veterinary School Association (SEAVSA) meeting. “Veterinary Education and Veterinary Challenges in One Health/Aging Pets”. Hua Hin-Cha Am, Thailand



11th-14th January Conference on Mathematical Modeling and Control of Communicable Diseases Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
12th January  Launching Ceremony InterRisk Master Degree  Bangkok, Thailand
14th-15th January  Neglected Tropical Diseases in Asia (NTDAsia)  Khon Kaen, Thailand
15th -16th February  Water-related Diseases workshop  Vientiane, Lao PDR
23rd-25th March MASCOT-NUM 2016 meeting Toulouse, France
11th-15th April Les journées DEVS francophone Cargèse, France
14th-15th June The innovations in Collaborative Modeling Michigan, USA
29th June - 2nd July Joint Meeting Society for Conservation Biology Asia section Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation Asia-Pacific chapter Singapore
6th-7th October  European OneHealth and EcoHealth workshop  Brussels, Belgium
27th-28th October  The National Health Research Forum  Savannakhet, Laos

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Scientific Publications

Binot A, Duboz R, Promburom P, Phimpraphai W, Cappelle J, Lajaunie C, Goutard F, Pinyopummintr T, Figuié M, Roger FL (2016). A framework to promote collective action within the One Health community of practice: Using participatory modelling to enable interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral and multi-level integration. One Health 1 (2015) 44–48.

Cappelle J ,Duong V, Pring L, Kong L, Yakovleff M, Prasetyo DB, Peng B, Choeung R, Duboz R, Ong S, Sorn S, Dussart P, Tarantola A, Buchy P, Chevalier V (2016), Intensive circulation of Japanese Encephalitis Virus in Peri-urban Sentinel Pigs near Phnom Penh, Cambodia. PLoS Negl Trop Dis 10(12): e0005149.


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