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ComAcross Partners and Stakeholders

ComAcross different partners and stakeholders try to establish interdisciplinary and cross-sectorial collaboration processes for data management and sharing. But it represents a lot of challenge/obstacles to be addressed, notably in Coordination.

One Health action calls for a deep understanding of the complex health issues at Animal/Environment/Human interface, it needs cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary collaborations and good coordination among laboratories & stakeholders at local, national and regional level.

The purpose is an Empowerment of One Health stakeholders at different levels (including local authorities) with the:

  • Involvement of “non traditional” One Health stakeholders (cf. Environment and Development sectors)
  • Improvement of coordination and systems thinking capacities


ComAcross Partners     

The Project has different partners based in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.




ComAcross Stakeholders

Beyond the ComAcross Partners Consortium, various institutions or projects contribute to and benefit from the ComAcross project.




ComAcross Coordination Unit

Discover below the organogram of the coordination unit, and linked to the title and the organigram, short presentations about every implicated persons .