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Training workshop Data Management

On the 12th and 13th(half day) December 2016 in Bangkok, Kasetsart University Faculty of Vet med, ComAcross project, together with LACANET and GREASE network, organized a training workshop about data management in One Heath framework. It gathered 43 participants from 7 different countries (Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, The Philippines, and France).

The workshop focused on:

  • The good practices of collecting samples and other data of various origins
  • To develop voucher collections for barcoding purposes
  • The good practices from collection, manipulating samples, to genetic analyses and data repositories
  • The associated data (with metadata description) of many types (geo-localization, photos, questionnaires, and any kinds of other information) stored in a database system (open and linked)
  • The legal and ethical aspects: consents, exportation permits, ethical statements and permits (animals, environment, and humans, including questionnaires), fieldwork research permits (Nagoya protocol, Convention on Biological Diversity etc. )

This workshop constitutes a first step setting up a new working group of GREASE regional workshop in order to address ethical aspects linked to scientific research within a One health approach.